Polymer and Materials Science at The University of Sydney


Welcome to the Polymer Nanostructures Group in the School of Chemistry

at The University of Sydney in Australia.


Nanotechnology defines a multidisciplinary research endeavour aiming at finding new ways to tackle current issues in the fields of sustainable materials, renewable energy and the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The ability to control the synthesis of materials at the nanoscale allows us to produce tailor-made nanomaterials with distinct properties. In our group, we are interested in finding new ways to access unprecedented polymeric and hybrid nanostructures. Our aim is to produce complex and multifunctional nano-scale materials for applications in catalysis, energy, sensing and nanomedicine. Polymer science provides the ideal playground for creative materials design.


We are located within The Key Centre for Polymers and Colloids (KCPC), a renowned centre for polymer research and training featuring world-class facilities for the study of Soft Matter and Hybrid Materials.