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  • We held the 19th Australasian Polymer Summer School at USyd.
    50 delegates from across Australia learnt about polymer science from leading researchers across 3 days.
  • Welcome to Dr Emma Brisson! Emma joins the group as a postdoctoral researcher working on polymer self-assembly projects.



  • Welcome to Marius Schoettle (Uni Bayreuth) and Chenyou Zhang (Denison Scholar)!
  • Check out our new work on Visible-Light Driven PET-MADIX polymerisation in Angewandte Chemie. Well done Karen!
  • Happy New Year from the PNG!




  • Our JACS paper featured in the Nov/Dec issue of Chemistry in Australia. Check it out at page 18.
  • Congrats to Markus who has been promoted to Level C (effective 2019).



  • Our communication on structured polymer nanowires has just been published in JACS. Congrats Theo and team PNG!



  • Congratulations to Alicia Cheng for being awarded a competitive PhD scholarship by the University. Awesome!
  • Congratulations to Dr Thomas Gegenhuber for being awarded a 2-year Postdoctoral Fellowship by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. Well done!


  • Welcome to Carly Baker, Amanda Gunawan and Parathan Ramamurthi! All new Honours students in the PNG.
  • Welcome to Alicia Cheng! Alicia joined the PNG as a PhD student working on porous hybrid nanomaterials as electrode materials in solid-state batteries (in collaboration with Prof. Chris Ling).
  • Welcome to Jiaxin Wang! Jiaxin is a visiting undergraduate student from Nanjing University and will spend 2 month in the team.
  • Markus received the Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence in the category 'outstanding early career research'. Party time!


  • Welcome to Dr Thomas Gegenhuber!

    Thomas joined the PNG to work on polymer brush self-assembly.

  • Read our latest paper on MPBs and tissue penetration in Polymer Chemistry. Thank you New Group for the collaboration!


  • Our review on molecular brushes has just been published in Angewandte Chemie. Great work Theo and Clare!


  • Congratulations to Andrea and Theo!

    Our paper in collaboration with the Groeschel Group on the "Self-assembly of diblock molecular brushes in the spherical confinement of nanoemulsions" has been accepted in Macromolecular Rapid Communications as part of a Special Issue on 'Australian-European Polymer Self-Assembly'.


  • Welcome to Karen Hakobyan!

    Karen joined to do his Masters on designing new degradable molecular brushes.


  • Welcome to Cindy Tran and Celia Chen!!

    Cindy will do her Honours year in the team working on new ways to target breast cancer.

    Celia will work with us over the summer under the Denison Scholarship scheme.



  • Our article on Polymer brush guided templating on well-defined rod-like cellulose nanocrystals features in the 2018 Emerging Investigators Issue of Polymer Chemistry.




  • Olivia and Markus published a blog for Materials Horizons.

  • Welcome to Alison Campbell! Alison will work with us over the summer under the Denison Scholarship scheme.


  • Congratulations to Olivia and Vivian who have just received Class 1 for their Honours year. Well done !

  • Congratulations to Olivia who has taken out 2nd Prize at the RACI NSW Analytical and Environmental Chemistry Group Annual Honours and Master-by-Research Presentation Evening. Olivia presented her Honours work on the synthesis and use of tailor-made block copolymers for nanoscale structuring of battery electrodes.

  • Funding success! Markus was awarded a 3-year DECRA fellowship by the Australian Research Council, starting in 2018. In this project we will develop a modular toolbox of novel polymer nanorods for better tissue penetration.


  • Welcome back Antoine! Antoine joins us as a volunteer for the rest of 2017.


  • Welcome to Peter Truran! Peter joins us from York in the U.K. for his Masters studies. He will be working on smart molecular brushes.


  • Funding success! We were successful in the recent Sydney Vital Seed Funding round with a project on triple negative breast cancer research.

  • Congratulations to Théophile! He has been awarded one of the inaugural Australian Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology (AINST) Postgraduate Top-Up Scholarships. Well done!


  • Welcome back, Eamonn Burke! Eamonn starts his Honours year in the group working on polymer brush spheroid penetration. Welcome to Stone Woo! Stone joins as a TSP student for Semester 2 working on drug delivery systems for breast cancer treatment.

  • Markus will spend the next six weeks in Professor Olli Ikkala's group at Aalto University as part of an ANN Overseas Travel Fellowship.


  • Congratulations to Saeel for finishing his Graduate Diploma year. He his now off to Europe for a Masters degree.


  • We all escaped the Escape Room challenge and tasted our first group batch brew.


  • Congratulations (again) to Olivia! She has been awarded the R.J.W. LE FÈVRE DAASN RAO PRIZE in Physical Chemistry for her outstanding performance in Physical Chemistry at the Senior Chemistry level.

    Congratulations! Olivia has been awarded a 2017 Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering (AINSE) Honours Scholarship.

  • Welcome to Edie Griffin and Jin-Lee Michael Teoh! Edie joins us as part of her Talented Student Program. She is working with Clare on a polymer-focused research project. Michael joins us for his Engineering Honours in 2017. He will be studying the tumour penetration of polymers using confocal laser scanning microscopy.

  • Welcome back, Eamonn!  He joins us for some volunteer work on self-assembly.


  • Theo, Olivia, Vivian and Markus enjoyed the 18th Australasian Polymer Summer School.

  • Welcome to Olivia McRae and welcome back Vivian Shang! Olivia joins us as an Honours Student working on hybrid materials for battery applications. Vivian was a former Summer student and joins us now for her Honours year working on polymer nanorods.

  • Welcome to Dr Clare Mahon! She joins us for 2 years as a Marie Curie Global Fellow. She will be working on using polymer brushes in sensing applications. Her project is in collaboration with the New Group.

  • We enjoyed having E/Prof Helmuth Möhwald in the School for 3 days.


  • Welcome to Antoine Niederberger! He joins us for five months as part of his Masters degree at the University of Maine, France. He will be working on SET-LRP polymerisations.


December 2016

Funding success!

We have been granted beam time at ANSTO to investigate polymer nanorods in 2017.

November 2016

Welcome to Lauren Minne

Lauren joins us for six weeks through her Summer Research Scholarship. She will be working on rod-like nanoparticles. Lauren wrote a piece about her experience in the group.

Markus has been appointed as a RSC Materials Horizons Community Board member.


Maria and Markus attend the 36 Australian Polymer Symposium at Lorne, Australia. Markus is an ECR speaker at the conference.


October 2016

Funding success!

Markus has been awarded a Overseas Travel Fellowship from the Australian Nanotechnology Network (ANN). As part of this, he will spend a few weeks researching in Finland in 2017.

September 2016

Funding success!

Markus has been awarded the 2016 Selby Research Award for his work on polymer nanorod drug delivery systems.

Welcome to Dominik Seeberger

Dominik joins us as a visiting student from Bayreuth University in Germany. He will be working on cylindrical polymer brushes.


August 2016

Welcome to Maria Morits

Maria joins us as a visiting PhD student from Aalto University in Finland. She will be working on sustainable hybrid materials.

July 2016

Welcome again to Saeel Momin

Saeel joins us for ten months to do his Graduate Diploma research. He will be working on polymer self-assemblies for therapeutic delivery.

June 2016

Our article on Molecular Polymer Brushes in Nanomedicine featured in Wiley's Materials Views.

April 2016

Markus hosts DuPont Fellow Dr Alan English as part of the NSW 2016 Solomon Lecture series.

March 2016

Our article on Passive tumour targeting and extravasation of cylindrical polymer brushes in mouse xenografts features in the 2016 Emerging Investigators Issue (Chem Commun).

Thank you to Chris, Dharmini and Cameron for collaborating.

Our article on Cylindrical Polymer Brushes – Anisotropic Building Blocks, Unimolecular Templates and Particulate Nanocarriers is on the cover of Polymer.


February 2016

Welcome to Theophile Pelras

Theo joins as the first PhD student of the group. He will be working on novel compartmentalised polymer brushes.


Congratulations to Dr Clare Mahon

Clare will join us as a Marie Curie Global Fellow in January 2017. We will be working on Polymer brush sensing arrays for the identification of pathogens (GLYCOSENSE).

January 2016

Funding success!

Markus receives Seedfunding from the University to boost polymer brush research.


Welcome to Vivian Shang and Eamonn Burke

Eamonn joins us as part of the Summer Scholarship program. He will be working with us for six weeks. His project is looking at zwitterionic polymer brushes.

Vivian joins us also as part of the Summer Scholarship program. She will be working with us for six weeks. Her project comprises telechelic RAFT polymers.


Markus becomes a member of Sydney Nano and also commences as Honorary Secretary of the Sydney University Chemical Society.



December 2015

Funding success!

A proposal for a comprehensive polymer characterisation system led by Markus has been successful. We will be purchasing a new GPC and light scattering unit. The instrumentation will be located in the KCPC.Markus wrote an article on his research for Chemistry News: 'Architectures of the nanoworld'

November 2015

Markus joins the RACI NSW Polymer Group as an executive Committee Member.

September 2015

Welcome to Saeel Momin and Leo Jiang

Saeel joins the group as a volunteer to learn more about the synthesis of RAFT agents.

Leo joins the group as part of the Talented Student Program. He will be working on telechelic RAFT polymers.


June 2015

Welcome to the Polymer Nanostructures Group

I am Markus Muellner, a new Lecturer in the School of Chemistry.

I have recently started the Polymer Nanostructures Group as part of the Key Centre for Polymers and Colloids (KCPC).

Markus has left The University of Melbourne after relinquishing his McKenzie Fellowship in May 2015.