Interested in joining the Polymer Nanostructures Group ?  We offer undergraduate and postgraduate research programs!


If you are a Bachelor of Science student and interested in spending a year doing your own research, you may qualify for the School of Chemistry's Honours program.


If you are interested in joining our team for postgraduate studies (M. Sc., MPhil, or PhD), you may qualify for one of our Universities scholarships to support your studies.  We are also happy to host international postgraduate students for research visits or as part of Master programs (minimum stay: 4-6 months).


If you have completed your PhD in the areas of chemistry, polymer chemistry, materials science, biochemistry or related disciplines and you are interested to join our group as a postdoctoral researcher or Fellow. There are several opportunities that we can take to receive funding for domestic and international postdoc candidates. We have successfully sponsored outstanding candidates to receive a  University of Sydney Fellowship  or  an ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award. Please get in touch with us early and include your CV and research interests.

Several other opportunities are worth considering if you are from one of the following countries: Germany (DFG Research Fellowships), Switzerland (SNF Postdoc.Mobility Fellowships), Japan (JSPS Overseas Research Fellowships ). For joint research programs between the University of Sydney and a European research institution, the Marie Curie Global Fellowship scheme  would be available.

 We have had success in the Marie Curie, DFG and USyd Fellowship schemes as well as in DAAD schemes to support exchange programs.